Norse - God of day, light, tears. Son of Odin and Frigga. Brother of Hermod(r), Hoder, Thor. Husband of Nanna. Father of Forseti. Balder was the best loved of all the gods and when he dreamed of some great danger to himself, his mother extracted an oath from all things that they would never cause him harm. But she had overlooked the humble mistletoe. Loki, always out to cause trouble, persuaded the blind Hoder to throw a branch of mistletoe at his brother, which killed him. Nanna died of grief and their bodies were placed side by side on his funeral pyre. Odin leaned over the dead body of his son and whispered in his ear: 'Rebirth', reminding Balder that he was to be reborn into a new world after Ragnarok. Other versions say that he was killed by the magic sword, Mistellteinn, when fighting a duel with Hoder for the favours of Nanna. Hermod rode to Niflheim on Sleipnir to ask for the release of Balder; Hela would have returned him to life if all the world had wept for him, but one giantess, Thok, who some say was Loki in disguise, refused to shed a tear for him and he was kept in the underworld. He sent Odin's ring, Draupnir, which had been placed on his funeral pyre, back to Odin with Hermod. In some versions it was Hnoss, the young daughter of Freya, who dreamed of Balder's death and Odin rode to Nifleheim to find out from the prophetess, Volva, whether the dream would come true. An alternative story makes Balder a harsh character and Hoder the virtuous one. On occassion, called Balder, Baldr, Baldr, Baldur, Baldur, Paltar or Paltar.
Norse - In some accounts, Odin's horse. Also identified as Balder, Baldr, Baldr, Baldur, Baldur, Paltar or Paltar.

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