British - A Knight of the Round Table. Brother of Balin. Out of favour with King Arthur, Balan and his brother rode to Castle Terribil, which was besieged by Royns, hoping to kill Royns and regain the king's favour. They captured Royns and handed him over to the warders at Camelot and subsequently helped the king in his battles with Nero, the brother of Royns. In a later adventure he was appointed by the lady of a castle to defend an island nearby against all-comers. One of these turned out to be his brother Balin and they fought each other to the death, realizing only when they raised their visors at the end that they had fulfilled the prophecy that the second sword acquired by Balin would be used to kill his best friend. In some accounts, known as Balan, Balam or Balam.
European - A giant Saracen, king of Spain. Father of Fierabras and Floripas. He and his son captured Rome and killed the Pope. Charlemagne came to the rescue, but the Saracens, taking with them the holy relics, escaped to Fierabras met Oliver in single combat and when defeated became a Christian. Balan refused to convert and was put to death. In some accounts, he is the same as Balan, brother of Balin. Also commonly known as Balan, Balam or Balam.
General - A demon, a prince of hell. He is depicted naked astride a bear. Also commonly called Balan, Balam or Balam.

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