Indian - A princess. It was said that she was born from an egg-plant. A local queen, jealous of the girl's beauty, tried to find Baingan's life-token so that she could kill her, but succeeded only in killing her own seven sons. She eventually discovered that the life-token was a necklace enclosed in a box inside a bee inside a fish and was able to recover it, so that Baingan died. The king found her body in the forest, where it had been placed by the old couple who had reared her, and he watched over it every day. To his amazement, it remained as fresh and lovely as ever. Some time later the king found a baby boy beside the body and this child told him that Baingan was alive at night, when the queen took off the necklace, but dead while the necklace was worn by day. The young boy eventually recovered the necklace and Baingam was fully restored to life. The evil queen died and was buried in a pit full of serpents while the king married Baingan. In some lore, occasionally called Baingan.

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