Australian - Sky-god of the Aborigines. Husband of Birrahgnooloo and Cunnembeillee. In some versions he is the father of Daramulun. Some say that the sky is supported on large crystals resting on Biame's shoulders. Baime is normally asleep. When he woke on one occasion he turned over, and in doing so caused the flood. It is said that when he next awakes he will destroy the world. Also known as Baime, Baiame, Baiame, B'iame, B'iame, Martummere, Martummere, Pundjel, Pundjel, Bunjel, Bunjil, Pun-Gel, Pundjil, Punjel, Bun-Gil, Birral, Birral, Daramulun, Daramulun, Thuremlin, Ngurunderi, Ngurunderi, Nurrundere or Nurunderi.

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