British - A Knight of the Round Table. A king of Gore. Brother of Tarsan. Father of Meliagaunt. He resented it when Torre, a younger knight, was elected to the Round Table ahead of him and left Camelot in search of adventure. He found Merlin imprisoned in the rock by Nimue but could do nothing to help him. When his son abducted Guinevere, he intervened to save her from rape. He was later made a member of the Round Table and set out from Camelot with the other knights on the Grail Quest. He found a white shield beside an altar in a chapel and took it although it carried a warning that it was intended for the True Prince, an epithet for Galahad. He was challenged by a knight in white armour and found that he could not lift the shield to defend himself. He was unhorsed and badly wounded in the thigh. As a result he had to give up the quest and returned to Camelot with Owain who tended to him. He was later killed by Gawain. At times, known as Bagdemagus, Bademagus, Bademagus, Baudemagu, Baudemagu, Baudemagus, Baudemagus, Brademagus, Brademagus, Bragdemagus, Bragdemagus, Ba(u)demagu(s), Ba(u)demagu(s), Bra(g)demagus or Bra(g)demagus.

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