Central American - 4 giant Mayan deities. Sons of Itzamna and Ix Chel. These four brothers supported the world, one at each corner, and controlled the winds. They are listed as Kan Tzicnal (north, white), Hobnil (east, red), Hozanek (south, yellow), and Zac Cimi (west, black). Another list gives Mulac (north, white), Kan (east, yellow), Cauac (south, red) and Ix (west, black), while others give Kan (south, yellow), Chac (east, red), Zac (north, white) and Ed (west, black). In some accounts, they are the same as the Balam. Also referred to as Bacabs, Bacabab, Bacabab, Balam, Balam, Pauahtun, Pauahtun, Pauahtuns, Aztec Tlalocs, Aztec Tlalocs, Acantum, Acantum, Balam or Balam.

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