Russian - An ogress or witch. A goddess of death. She had teeth and breasts of stone and was said to steal children, having first turned them to stone merely by looking at them, and then, having returned them to normal, cooking and eating them. She moved around in a mortar by using the pestle as a propelling pole. Her home was a hut that had the legs of a chicken on which, some say, it moved about, and which was enclosed within a fence made of bones. In the Czech version these beings had the face of a woman, the body of a sow and the legs of a horse. They lived in caves and put out the eyes of any humans they caught. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Baba-Yaga, Baba-Iaga, Baba-Iaga, Baba-Jaga, Baba-Jaga, Jaga-Baba, Jendzibaba, Jendzibaba, Jendzyna, Jendzyna, Jezenky, Jezenky, Jezinky, Jezinky, Jezi-Baba, Jezi-Baba, Baba-Jaga(-Baba) or Baba-Jaga(-Baba).

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