Azhi Dahak

Persian - A 3-headed demon of destruction. Son of Angra Mainyu and Autak. Consort of Druj. A demon created by Ahriman, in one story, he was overcome, by Atar and chained to Mountain Demavand. In another story it was Thraetona who first stabbed him, allowing frogs and lizards to pour out of his chest, and then chained him. In one story he replaced Yima as king and ruled for 1,000 years. It is said that at the end of the world, he will break loose and kill much of mankind before being killed by the resuscitated Keresaspa. Also identified as Azhi Dahak, Azhdak, Azhdak, Azhi Dahaka, Azhi Dahaka, Azidahaka, Azidahaka, Bevarash, Bevarash, Dahak, Dahak, Dahaki, Dahaki, Dahhak, Dahhak, Dhaki, Dhaki, Vishap, Vishap, Vishapa, Vishapa, Zahhak, Zahhak, Zahak, Dahak(i), Dahak(i), Ezhdeha, Ezhdeha, Vishap(a), Vishap(a), Zah(h)ak, Zah(h)ak, Zuhak or Zuhak.

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