Buddhist - God of mercy. One of the 5 Dhyanibodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism. Son of Amitabha. Consort of Pandara or Tara. He is regarded as a bodhisattva who is reincarnated in each new Dalai Lama. In Tibet, he is the supreme national god and can assume any form, such as a cloud, a figure with 1,000 arms and eleven heads, and various animals. To help his charitable works he was given 1,000 hands. He produced a monkey, which mated with an ogress to produce a race of hairy beings. These mated with the forest monkeys and when Avalokiteshvara gave them food they lost their hair and tails and became human beings. He delayed his own release from the cycle of death and rebirth to help others achieve enlightenment. Having brought release to all, he set off to return to paradise. When he chanced to look back and saw that men had reverted to their former sinful ways, he broke into a million pieces from which arose the version with eleven heads and 1,000 arms. The goddess Tara was born from the tears he shed. He is regarded as a manifestation of Amitabha who generated him from a As Padmapani, he created the world and Brahma, Indra, Lakshmi and Sarasvati, from various parts of his own body. He is represented as a handsome youth holding in his left hand a lotus blossom. He was later identified with the Chinese goddess of mercy Kuan Yin. In some accounts he is identified with Shiva, in others he occupies one of the two thrones in Amitabha's heaven (Mahasthama has the other). On occassion, known as Avalokiteshvara, Avalokitesvara, Avalokitesvara, Merciful Lord, Merciful Lord, Padmapani, Padmapani, Padma-pani, Valahaka, 'lotus-born', Chinese Kuan Yin, Japanese Kwannon, Amoghapasa, Amoghapasa, Don-yo-sha-pa, Don-yod-shags-pa, Tibetan Don-yo-sha-pa, Don-yodshags-pa, Avalokita, Avalokita, Avolokiteshvara, Bhagavan, Bhagavan, Bhagavad, Bhagavant, Bhagavat, Bhagavata, Bhagvan, Bhagwan, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Khasaparna, Khasaparna, Namasangiti, Namasangiti, Natha, Natha, Cambodian (Simhanara) Lokesvara, Cambodian (Simhanara) Lokesvara, Hindu Vishnu, Hindu Vishnu, Akshobhya, Ashuku, Kuan Yin, Upulvan, Wisnu, Japanese Kwanjizai, Japanese Kwanjizai, Kwannon, Kwannon, Kannon, Kannon-sama, sacred birds, Bato, Chu-jo Hime, Fuku-kensaku, Jiu-ichi-men-Kwannon, Juichimen, Jundei, Kannon(-sama), Nyoirin, Senjiu, Sho(tuku), Buddhist Avalokiteshvara, Sannayaka, Sannayaka, Tibetan Chen-re-zi, Tibetan Chen-re-zi, Chenresi, Chenresi, sPyan-ras-gzigs, Sadaksari (Lokesvara) or Sadaksari (Lokesvara).

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