Aurelius Ambrosius

British - A king of Britain. Son of Constantine. Brother of Constans and Uther. When his brother, King Constans, was killed by Vortigern's soldiers, he and his brother, Uther, fled to the court of King Boudicius of Brittany to escape from Vortigern, but returned later to kill him by burning him in his castle. In another story they reappeared as the dragons buried on Mount Erith by Lud and released when Vortigern uncovered the cavern where they were buried. They flew to France, returning in mortal form at the head of an army to recapture the kingdom. They burned down the tower that Vortigern had built on Mount Erith and he was killed. Renwein, Vortigern's wife, avenged his death when she provided her servant Ambion with a phial of poison, which he administered, saying it was a cure for the illness from which Aurelius was suffering at the time. Other stories relate that Vortigern's son, Paschent, who had fled to Hibernia, returned with an army provided by the chieftain Gilloman who was angry because Merlin had stolen the stones of the Giants' Ring. While Uther was fighting Paschent, a Saxon soldier, Eopa, tricked his way into the presence of Aurelius, who was ill in bed, and poisoned him. In some accounts Aurelius was the son of Constans and was also called Uther. His brothers in that version were Moines and Pendragon. Others equate him with King Arthur. Also commonly referred to as Aurelius Ambrosius, Ambrosius Aurelianus, Ambrosius Aurelianus, Aurelius, Welsh Emrys, Welsh Emrys or Merlin.

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