European - A man escorting one of Charlemagne's. Wives into exile. When Charlemagne discovered his wife Sibilla in bed with a dwarf, he banished her from France and appointed Auberijn to escort her to the frontier. They were attacked by Macharijs, who lusted after Sibilla. Auberijn was killed but Sibilla escaped the attacker's clutches and was sheltered by a farmer, Baroquel. Auberijn's dog, sometimes known as Dragon, conveyed to Charlemagne the news of his master's death and the identity of the killer and later attacked and defeated Macharijs. This tale is retold as the tale of Aubry's dog. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Auberijn, Auborijn of Mondiser, Auborijn of Mondiser, Aubry, Aubry, Aubry's dog, Aubry's dog, Dog of Montargis or Dragon.

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