Egyptian - King of gods, an early sun-god. Consort of Nebhet-Hotep. Father of Shu and Tefnut. He was either a son of Nun or a selfcreated god who brought light to the primaeval universe and, as Iusau, a bisexual being, created his son Shu and his daughter Tefnut. Others say that he appeared out of the primordial chaos as a serpent, created by the four frogs and four snakes that existed in the primordial waters. He was later assimilated with Ra as Ra-Atum and is depicted as a black bull, Mnevis, or as a snake. In some lore, occasionally identified as Atum, Atmu, Atmu, Atumu, Atumu, Tam, Tam, Tem, Tem, Temu, Temu, Tham, Tham, Tiamat, Thom, Thom, Thum, Thum, Tm, Tm, Tmu, Tmu, Tom, Tom, Tum, Tum, Nefertem, At(u)mu, At(u)mu, Bull of the Ennead, Bull of the Ennead, Iusau, Iusau, Iusas, Neb-er-djei, Neb-er-djei, Shed, Shed, Tem(u), Tem(u), T(h)am, T(h)am, T(h)om, T(h)om, T(h)um, T(h)um, Tm(u), Tm(u), Khepra, Khepra, Chatura, Chepera, Chepre, Khepera, Kheperi, Kheprer, Khepri, Khepry, Khopri, Khep(e)ri, Menthu, Ra, Ra, Phra, Phre, Re, Rhe, Ria, Roua, Ra-Atum, Ra-Atum, Atum-Ra, Benu, Phoenix, Re-Atum, Re-Tem, Ben(n)u-bird or Ra-Tem.

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