Phrygian - A Phrygian god of shepherds and vegetation. Son of Agdistis or Calaus, in some accounts. In some stories he is the son of Cybele, in others her lover. Some say he is the son of Nana. In another version he is the son (or the male half) of Agdastis, whose blood, when he was castrated, produced a tree from which a young girl, Nana, picked the fruit. When she dropped the fruit into her lap she became pregnant, producing Attis. The infant was abandoned and reared by a goat. When he grew up, Cybele (or, in some accounts, Agdistis) fell in love with him. When he deserted her for a nymph, Sagaritis, the goddess drove him mad so that he castrated himself and died, but was restored to life and reunited with Cybele. In some accounts she turned Attis into a pine tree. Some say that Attis fathered a child on Cybele and her father killed both Attis and the baby. Cybele restored Attis to life. Another version has Agdistis breaking in on the wedding celebrations of Attis and Sagaritis with the result that Attis castrated himself and his bride died from self-inflicted wounds. Some say that the castration was not self-inflicted but resulted from an attack by a wild boar. He was associated with the planet Jupiter. In some references, called Attis, Atys, Atys, Bagarios, Bagarios, Papas, Papas, Pappas, Pappas, Zeus Papas, Zeus Papas, Bagairos, Bagairos, (Zeus) Pap(p)as, (Zeus) Pap(p)as, Greek Adonis, Greek Adonis, Dumuzi, Tammuz, Sumerian Tammuz or Sumerian Tammuz.

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