Atse Hastin

North American - The first man in the lore of the Navaho. Consort of Atse Estsan. The first man and his wife were created by the gods from two corn seeds. When the couple taught the rudimentary beings existing at that time how to form communities, the water-monster Tieholtsodi caused a flood and drowned these people. The two humans escaped through a hole in the sky made by a hawk and came into the fifth world. Here they created the present world; when it was completed, they both vanished. The five pairs of twins that they produced mated with the Kisani to populate the earth. At times, referred to as Atse Hastin, Atseastine, Atseastine, Atsehastin, Atsehastin, Atseatsine Atsehastin or Atseatsine Atsehastin.

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