Mesopotamian - A king of Shurupak. The Babylonian Noah. Son of Ubar-Tutu, some say. Warned by Enki, he survived the flood sent by Enlil in his ship Preserver of Life, saving also his wife, animals, plants and seeds. He was granted immortality by Ea or Enlil. Some accounts refer to two people of this name - one, the survivor of the Sumerian flood, the other said to be the father of Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Babylonian version. Also identified as Atrahasis, Amahasis, Amahasis, Atarhasis, Atarhasis, Atra-chasis, Atra-chasis, Atraharsis, Atraharsis, Atrahis, Atrahis, Atramhasis, Atramhasis, Hasis-Atra, Hasis-Atra, Superwise, Superwise, Utnapishtim, Utnapishtim, Pir-napishtim, Uta-napishtim, Utanapishtim, Utnapishti, Uta-naptishtim, Babylonian Atrahasis, Sumerian Ziusudra, Edjo, Wadjet, Atra-hasis, Atra-hasis, Atrah(ars)is, Atrah(ars)is, Syrian Ut(a)napishtim, Syrian Ut(a)napishtim, Ziusudra, Ziusudra, Ziudsudda, Ziusuttu, Tut(t)u, Syrian Utnapishtim or Xithuthros.

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