North American - The creator-god of the Pawnee. Husband of Atira. Father of Hativa. He is said to have made the sun and the moon and sent storm spirits to Bright Star. These spirits raised a storm and when it ceased the earth was covered with water, wiping out the race of giants. The four guardian-gods struck the water and the earth rose out of the depths. Tirawa then caused Bright Star to mate with Great Star to produce offspring who later produced the first human, Closed Man, whose welfare was watched over by Tirawa. Tirawa placed a buffalo to hold up the earth. This animal loses one of its hairs every year and it is said that the world will come to an end when the last hair falls. In some lore, occasionally known as Atius-Tirawa, Heavenly Arch, Heavenly Arch, Tirawa, Tirawa, Tirawa-Atius, Tirawa-Atius, Great Spirit, Great Spirit, Gitchi Manitou, Great Manito, Great Manitou, Ilex, Ketchimanetowa, Kisha Manido, Kitanitowit, Manitou, Tirawa(-Atius) or Tirawa(-Atius).

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