Pacific Islands - A name of Rangi. A Tahitian sky-god. A moon-god in the Hervey Islands. Son of Vari-ma-te-Takere. Husband of Fa'ahotu. Father of Tahu, Tuamoto and Ro'o. Father of Tane, some say. Atea, 'sky', was made by Ta'aroa from one half of the cosmic egg. Fa'ahotu, 'earth', was made from the other half. Because his wife produced no milk, his first children died so they exchanged sexes and Atea suckled his subsequent offspring. He was killed by a thunderbolt wielded by Tuamoto. In some accounts he is amalgamated with Rangi as Atea-Rangi, in others he was the husband of Atanua and they had a child, Tu-Moa. Some say that he was moulded from the formless void by Vahine Nautahu. One story says that he and Tangaroa argued as to which of them was father of Papa's first-born son. She cut the child in half and gave half to each. Atea threw his half into the heavens where it became the sun. Later, Tangaroa did the same with his half, which became the moon. He is depicted as having a body of which the left side is that of a fish, the right side human. In the Hervey Islands they envisage the universe as a coconut within which Atea occupies the highest part, Thinland, above his brother, Tinirau. Sometimes called Atea, Atea Rangi, Atea Rangi, Avatea, Avatea, Rangi, Rangi, Lagi, Langi, Raki, Ranginui, Ranji, Vatea, Hanui-o-Rangi, La(n)gi, Tu Tumu, Pacific Islands Rangi-Atea, Wakea, Polynesian Atea, Kane, Kane, Maori Tane(-mahuta), 'light', 'light', Ao, Beli, Iao, Yang, 'sky', 'sky', Ansar, Antariksha, Nut, Skan, 'space', 'space', Mamao, Hawaiian Wakea, Hawaiian Wakea, Marquesas Atanua, Marquesas Atanua, Society Islands Te Tumu or Society Islands Te Tumu.

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