Syrian - A mother-goddess and goddess of vegetation, originally known. As Derceto. Consort of Aun orHadad. Mother of Semiramis by Oannes. She was born in the form of an egg, floating in the Euphrates, which was pushed ashore by a fish. In one story she fell into the sea and was changed into a fish; her daughter was changed into a dove. As Atargatis Derketo she was a fishgoddess, half woman, half fish. In some accounts she is equated with Anat. Sometimes called Atargatis, Atar, Atar, Atarate, Atarate, Atargate, Atargate, Atergatis, Atergatis, Atharate, Atharate, Attar, Attar, Dercetis, Dercetis, Derceto, Derceto, Derketo, Derketo, Atar(g)ate, Atar(g)ate, DeaSyria, DeaSyria, Syrian Goddess, Syrian Goddess, Astarte, Dea Syria, Syria Dea or Greek Aphrodite.

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