Persian - A fire-god. Son of Ahura Mazda. One of the Yazatas. His father sent him to stop the dragon Azhi Dahak from persecuting mankind. After a long struggle, Atar chained the dragon to a mountain where he will remain until the final renewal of the world. In some accounts he is one of the Amesha Spentas. Also referred to as Atar, Adar, Adar, Ninib, Atargatis, Atargatis, Atar, Atarate, Atargate, Atergatis, Atharate, Attar, Dercetis, Derceto, Derketo, Atar(g)ate, Attar, DeaSyria, Syrian Goddess, Atri, Atri, Atar or 'the eater'.

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