North American - The first woman in the lore of the Iroquois. Sky-goddess and earth-goddess. Mother of the twins Hahgwehdaetgah and Hahgwehdiyu, the Doyadano. Mother of a daughter, Breath of Wind. She is said to have fallen from heaven and her body was used by her sons to build the world. In some accounts the twins were the children of Breath of Wind and it was her body that they used to build the world. A different story says that when she was ill, her father dug up a tree. A young man, angry at the loss of the tree, pushed her into the hole from which it had been dug and she fell through to earth. Her fall was broken by the birds, which formed a type of firefighter's blanket to save her. Some birds dived into the primaeval waters and brought up mud, which, plastered on the back of a turtle, formed dry land on which Ataensic could live. She produced a daughter who, in time, bore twins known as Djuskaha and Othagwenda. Also commonly referred to as Ataensic, Ataentsic, Ataentsic, Athensic, Athensic, Sky Woman, Sky Woman, Seneca Eagentci or Seneca Eagentci.

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