Hindu - The twins Dasra and Nasatya. Messengers of the dawn. Twin sons of Dyaus and Prithivi, Shiva and Sanjna or Vivasvat and Saranyu. They were born when their parents mated in the form of horses and were noted horsemen, riding in front of the dawn chariot of Aruna or Ushas. In some accounts they are equated with the Ribhus. Also known as Aswins, Acvins, Acvins, Ahans, Ahans, Ashvins, Ashvins, Ashwins, Ashwins, Asvinau, Asvinau, Asvins, Asvins, Divine Physicians, Divine Physicians, As(h)vins, As(h)vins, Greek Dioscuri, Greek Dioscuri, Harits, Harits, Naonghaithya or Naonghaithya.

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