Hindu - Demon: titan. Originally supreme deities, Asuras were later demon spirits opposing the minor gods (the Suras) and living on Mount Sumeru in four towns known as Deep, Golden, Shining and Star Tassel. In some accounts they live in a magnificent house, Patala. In some accounts they were born from the groin of Brahma while others say that they were the sons of Kasyapa. Alternatively, the Asuras were early Indian tribes who were overcome by the invading Aryans, regarded in some accounts as giants who fought the gods. Some versions say that the Asuras include the Daityas, Danavas, Das, Raskshasas and Svarbhanu. In some references, known as Asura, Ahura, Ahura, Ashura, Ashura, Ashura, Ashura, Ashura, Ashura, Assura, Assura, Tibetan Ha-ma-yin or Tibetan Ha-ma-yin.

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