Norse - A queen of Denmark. Daughter of Sigurd and Brunhild. Wife of Ragnar Lodbrok. Mother of Biorn, Hvitsek, Ivar, Rogenwald and Sigurd. One version of the story of Sigurd and Brunhild says that they married and had a daughter called Aslaug who was reared by Brunhild's father. When he was exiled, the father took the child with him to Norway hidden inside a harp, which was broken open by a peasant couple who killed the old man. They made a slave of the girl, who they called Krake. Ragnar Lodbrok, king of the Danes, came ashore near the hut where they lived and proposed to marry her. She agreed but deferred the wedding for a year to test his love. At the end of that time they were married and they had four children, Biorn, Hvitserk, Ivar and Rogenwald. When Ragnar was advised to put her aside in favour of a princess, Aslaug produced proof that she herself was high-born. She later gave birth to Sigurd the Snake-Eyed. In some accounts her sons were Ingvdr and Ubbe. Sometimes known as Aslaug, Aslog, Aslog, 'crow', 'crow', Krake, Heimer or Heimer.

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