Mesopotamian - A messenger of the gods. This being (two bisexual beings or a sexless creature, the eunuch Asnamir) was created by El to act as a messenger when the gods demanded the release of Ishtar from the underworld goddess Allatu (Ereshkigal). She put a curse on him, causing him to live in darkness and live on rubbish. Known as Ashushu-Namir, Ashanmer, Ashanmer, Ashushunamir, Ashushunamir, Asnami, Asnami, Asu-su-Namir, Asu-su-Namir, Asushunamir, Asushunamir, Nadrushi-Namur, Nadrushi-Namur, Uddushu-namir, Uddushu-namir, Asu-su-namir or Asu-su-namir.

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