Mesopotamian - The Assyrian supreme god, god of war. Consort of Ashuritu and Ishtar. He was envisaged with the head and wings of an eagle or with the faces of a bull, an eagle, a lion and a man. In some lore, occasionally known as Ashur, Ashurachu, Ashurachu, Ashuraku, Ashuraku, Asshur, Asshur, Assur, Assur, Asur, Asur, Ashir, Ashir, Ashshur, Ashshur, As(s)ur, As(s)ur, Nisroch, Nisroch, S(h)ar, S(h)ar, Ansar, Babylonian Marduk, Babylonian Marduk, Sandan, Tagtug or Tammuz.

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