Greek - A god of healing. One of the Argonauts. Son of Apollo and Arsinoe or Coronis or of Arsippus and Arsinoe. Husband of Epione. Father of Aceso, Hygeia, Iaso, Machaon, OcyrrhoŽ, Panaceia and Podaleirius. Apollo had seduced Coronis but she preferred a mortal lover, so Apollo killed her but saved her unborn child, Ischys, and gave him to Chiron to be reared. In other accounts the child was abandoned on Mount Myrtium, found by a shepherd, Aristhamas, who called him Aiglaer, and suckled by goats. He tried to bring Hippolytus (in some versions, Glaucus) back to life in Hades but Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt. Some say that when Apollo then killed the Cyclopes who made the thunderbolts for Zeus, the god relented and restored Ascelpius to life. Some say that he was able to bring the dead back to life by using blood from the right side of the Medusa slain by Hercules; blood from her left side killed those to whom it was administered. His animal is the snake and he appears in the heavens as Ophiuchus. Also commonly identified as Asclepius, Aisklepios, Aisklepios, Asclepios, Asclepios, Asklepios, Asklepios, Esculapius, Esculapius, Aesculapius, Pean, Pean, Apollo, Paeon, sacred birds, sacred birds, birds, Ainu Ahura Mazda, Amaterasu, Athena, Helius, Hermes, Mercury, Mithra, Nyx, Tammuz, Zas Arawn, Artemis, China, Fukurokuju, Kwannon, Lares, Mannanan, Perseus, Shou Shen, Thoth Apollo, Angerbode Brac, Cronus, Odin, Saturn, Yama Juno Aphrodite, Astarte Ararjatis, Ataragatis, Hachiman, Venus Dusara, Jupiter Egypt Apollo, Baba, Brahma, Dionysus, Egypt, Eros, Epona, Hera, Horus, Iris, Juno, Kaltesh, Mars, Ops, Osiris, Seb, Thoth, Vishnu Isis Apollo, Here, Tethys Zoastrianism Asclepius, Inara Ketu, Minerva Brahma, Lakshmi, Sarasvati Apollo, Melkarth Asclepius, Noah, Odin Saturn Aphrodite, Venus Hera, Sweden Aphrodite, Isis Aphrodite, Venus Aztecs, Maya Apollo, Ares Heracles, Isis, Izanagi, Izanami Ares Triptolemus Amaterasu, Aiglaer, Aiglaer, Asklepios P(a)eon, Asklepios P(a)eon, Paeeon, Paeeon, Paeon, Paeon, Paion, Paion, Apollo, Paeon, Paeon, Canaanite Eshmun, Canaanite Eshmun, Egyptian Imhotep, Egyptian Imhotep, Roman (A)esculapius or Roman (A)esculapius.

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