Mesopotamian - A Babylonian mother-goddess. A manifestation of Sarpanitu. A name of Ninhursaga as 'protector of the the womb'. Sister of Enlil. Mother and wife of Lil. She created the strong man Enkidu from clay and spittle as a companion for Gilgamesh. At times, known as Aruru, Mami, Mami, Great Mother, Mah, Mama, Nunusesmea, Ninhursaga, Ninhursaga, Lady of the Great Mountain, Lady of the Mountain, Ninharsag, Ningursag, Ninhursag, Ninhursagga, Ninkharsag, Ninkhursag, Ninlil, Virgin Lady, Belet-ili, Belit, Damgalminna, Damkina, Mammetu(m), Mammitu(m), Mother of the Land, Mud-kes(d)a, Nin Ki, Ninhursag(ga), Ninkarsag, Ninki, Ninmah, Ninmar, Ninna, Nintua(ma) Kalamma, Nintu(r), Sarpanitu, Sarpanitu, Ealur, Erua, Ishtar, Sarpanit, Sarpanitum, Zarbanit, Zarpanit, Zarpanitu, Zarpanitum, Zerpanitu, Zerpanitum, Zirat-panitu, Belti(y)a, Sarpanit(um), Zarpanitu(m), Zerpanitu(m) or Semitic Succoth Benoth.

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