British - A king of Britain. Brother of Elidure. He was deposed by rebellion and the throne was taken by his brother Elidure. Later, his brother found him living in poverty and, pretending to be ill, passed the crown back to Arthgallo. In some accounts he was the Earl of Warwick and a Knight of the Round Table while others say he was a son of Cador who married Britomart. In Spencer's The Faerie Queene, he is the embodiment of justice who rescued Irena from Grantorto. Occasionally referred to as Arthgallo, Artegal, Artegal, Artegall, Artegall, Artgualchar, Artgualchar, Arthegal, Arthegal, Arthegall, Arthegall, Art(h)egal(l) or Art(h)egal(l).

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