Greek - A virgin-goddess of childbirth, fertility, hunting, the moon, youth: one of the Olympians. Daughter of Zeus by Leto. Twin sister of Apollo. As a child she chased and captured four golden-horned stags and harnessed them to her chariot. A fifth animal escaped and featured in later stories as the Ceryneian Hind. She could be Selene in the sky, Hecate in the underworld and Artemis the huntress on earth, where she carried a silver bow made by the Cyclopes. During the battle of the Giants with the gods, she killed the giant Gration. As Selene she fell in love with the shepherd Endymion, but, as a virgingoddess, she could not yield to her passion and contented herself with hiding him in a cave on Mount Matmus where she alone could visit him every night and kiss his eternally sleeping lips. She changed Actaeon to a stag when she caught him watching her as she bathed, but another version says that Actaeon was dressed in the skin of a stag when he approached the goddess. In one version, Actaeon was torn to pieces by his own hounds. She changed Callisto into a bear when the nymph was seduced by Zeus. She avenged the death of Ameinius by causing Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection. At the behest of Leto, she slew the seven daughters of Niobe, and Apollo slew the seven sons, because Niobe had boasted that she was greater than Leto and should be worshipped in her place. She shot and killed Orion in the mistaken belief that he had raped her priestess Opis, or from jealousy of Eos who was also in love with him, or by shooting at a floating target in the sea, which she did not realise was Orion's head. She was said to be able to assume the form of any animal or tree. On one occasion she took the form of a fish to escape the unwelcome attentions of Alphaeus. In some accounts she was the mother of the Amazons by Ares, in others she is Ilythia. Some versions show her with three heads, a form of Hecate. Her animal was the deer and her tree the cypress. Occasionally referred to as Artemis, Bear Goddess, Bear Goddess, Britomart, Britomart, Britomartis, Irina, Irina, Kalliste, Kalliste, Lady of Wild Things, Lady of Wild Things, Mistress of the Griffins, Mistress of the Griffins, Orthia, Orthia, Orthria, Orthria, Phoebe, Phoebe, Aegle, Selene, sacred birds, sacred birds, birds, Ainu Ahura Mazda, Amaterasu, Apollo, Athena, Helius, Hermes, Mercury, Mithra, Nyx, Tammuz, Zas Arawn, China, Fukurokuju, Kwannon, Lares, Mannanan, Perseus, Shou Shen, Thoth Apollo, Asclepius, Angerbode Brac, Cronus, Odin, Saturn, Yama Juno Aphrodite, Astarte Ararjatis, Ataragatis, Hachiman, Venus Dusara, Jupiter Egypt Apollo, Baba, Brahma, Dionysus, Egypt, Eros, Epona, Hera, Horus, Iris, Juno, Kaltesh, Mars, Ops, Osiris, Seb, Thoth, Vishnu Isis Apollo, Here, Tethys Zoastrianism Asclepius, Inara Ketu, Minerva Brahma, Lakshmi, Sarasvati Apollo, Melkarth Asclepius, Noah, Odin Saturn Aphrodite, Venus Hera, Sweden Aphrodite, Isis Aphrodite, Venus Aztecs, Maya Apollo, Ares Heracles, Isis, Izanagi, Izanami Ares Triptolemus Amaterasu, Taurica, Taurica, Upis, Upis, Opis, Agrotera, Agrotera, Aph(a)ea, Aph(a)ea, Arcadia, Arcadia, Arcady, Arkadia, Bear goddess, Bear goddess, Brauronia, Brauronia, Artemis Brauronia, Britomart(is), Britomart(is), Carmenta, Carmenta, Artemis Caryatis, Carmentes, Carmentia, Carmentis, Nicostrate, Postverta, Prorsa, Carnasia, Carnasia, Cranaea, Cranae(a), Cranae(a), Cynthia, Cynthia, Delia, Delia, Dictynna, Dictynna, Aphaea, Diktunna, Diktynna, Dictyanna, Elate, Elate, Korythalia, Korythalia, Locheia, Locheia, Lochia, Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Animals, Potnia Theron, Mistress of Griffins, Mistress of Griffins, Orth(r)ia, Orth(r)ia, Phyllis, Phyllis, Phosporos, Phosporos, Hecate, Polyboea, Polyboea, Core, Potnia, Potnia, Theron, Theron, Tauropolos, Tauropolos, Trivia, Trivia, 'three ways', Greek Hecate, Trioditis, White Goddess, White Goddess, Belili, Cybele, Demeter, Freya, Hag of the Mill, Ino, Leucippe, Marpessa, Olwen, Samothea, Irish Garbh Ogh, Irish Garbh Ogh, Roman Diana, Roman Diana, Abnoba, Arduinna, Aritimi, Delia, Devana, Dilwica, Dziewona, Zana, Syrian Atargatis, Syrian Atargatis, Thracian Bendis, Thracian Bendis, Euronyme or Euronyme.

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