Art Aoinfhear

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Conn Ceadchathach. Brother of Connla, Crionna and Saba. Husband of Delbchaem and Eachtach. Father of Cormac mac Airt by Achtan. In some accounts Art was protected by two angels that always hovered over him. His father, Conn, took the goddess Becuma to live with him and she put a spell on Art. He rescued Delbchaem from the tower in the Land of Wonder where she had been imprisoned by her parents, took her home to Ireland and married her. He then expelled Becuma from Tara having beaten her in a game of chess to decide which of them should leave. On his way to battle with Lugaid mac Con, he stayed with Olc Acha and slept with his daughter, Achtan. He left his ring, robes and sword with her to keep in trust for their son. He was killed in the ensuing Battle of Magh Mucramha. In some accounts his wife is Maev and in others he is regarded as the son of King Arthur. An alternative story has his wife as Eachtach and Cormac mac Airt was their legitimate son. In some references, called Art Aoinfhear, Art Enfer, Art Enfer, 'bear' or 'bear'.

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