Arrow Boy

North American - A hero of the Cheyenne. Arrow Boy was born after four years in his mother's womb and grew quickly, becoming a medicine man. In an early demonstration of his powers, he allowed others to pull a noose so tightly round his neck that his head was cut off but the boy merely replaced it. When they lifted the robe that covered him, he was an old man, then a pile of bones, then nothing at all and finally the completely restored boy. When the chief of his tribe tried to take the bull-calf that Arrow Boy was skinning for a robe, the boy killed him and was then attacked by the tribe. He escaped by rising into the sky on a plume of smoke and left his people. At his departure, the buffalo disappeared. Later he entered a cavern in a mountain where, for four years, he was instructed in the arts of the medicine men. When his time was up, he returned to his people and, with his return, the buffalo returned to fill the plains. Also commonly called Arrow Boy, Motzeyouf, Motzeyouf, Sweet Medicine or Sweet Medicine.

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