South American - Twin brother of Tamendonar. The twins were born to one mother by two fathers - the god Maire and the mortal Sargoys - but neither knew which was immortal. Tests such as jumping between the clashing boulder Itha-Irapi and stealing from the demon Agnen failed to settle the matter. One twin was killed by the boulder, the other by Agnen but, in each case, the other brother revived his dead sibling so they never found out who was the son of a god. In another version the brothers are the survivors of the flood, which they, or in some stories, Irin Mage, used to put out the blaze sent by the creator god Monan to destroy the world; in another version Ariconte, as god of the night, is in conflict with his brother, god of the day. Another version says that the twins were Ariconte and Arikute. Occasionally referred to as Ariconte, Arikute or Arikute.

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