Buddhist - A monk who has attained supreme. Knowledge: one liberated from the cycle of death and re-birth: a saint. In some accounts, the Buddha is said to have had fifty (or 500 or more) arhats. They are destined to become bodhisattvas. Also identified as arhat, Arahan, Arahan, Eighteen Lohan, Arahant, Arahant, Arahat, Arahat, arhan, arhan, arhant, arhant, lohan, lohan, Lo-han, lo-han, Japanese Rakan, Sanskrit Sthavira, Rakan, Rakan, Arakan, Gnas-brtan, Tibetan Gnas-brtan, Arhat, arahant, arahant, arahat, arahat, arhan(t), arhan(t), Chinese lohan, Chinese lohan, Sanskrit sthavita or Sanskrit sthavita.

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