Greek - The ship of Jason. This 50-oared ship (some say 54-oared) was built by Argus for Jason and his men for their quest for the Golden Fleece. The prow, made from one of the talking oaks from Dodona and provided by Athena, acted as an oracle on the voyage. After the voyage, the ship was beached at Corinth where, years later, the rotting prow fell on the aged Jason and killed him. The rest of the hull was placed in the heavens by Poseidon. An entirely different version says that this was the ship used by Danaus to transport his fifty daughters when they fled from Egypt to escape from Aegyptus. This story says that they went to Rhodes; the original story says that they went to Argos where Danaus became king. Possibly there was confusion here between the ship and its destination. Sometimes referred to as Argo, Argo Navis or Argo Navis.

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