Welsh - Goddess of the dawn in Welsh lore. Moon-goddess. Footholder to King Math. Daughter of Beli and Don. Sister of Gilfaethwy and Gwydion. Mother of Nwyvre by Gwydion. She applied for the job of footholder to King Math after Goewen's departure, but when the king tested her for virginity with his magic wand, she produced a baby, Dylan, who immediately took to the sea. In some versions the birth was accompanied by a drop of blood, which Gwydion collected in a handkerchief. This developed into another child, Llew, who was raised by Gwydion but who was cursed by Aranrhod so that he could never marry a mortal woman. Other versions say that Dylan and Llew were born together; others that there were three children, Dylan, Llew and Nwyvre; others that Llew was the son of Goewen by Gilfaethwy who had raped her in the king's absence, when he was engaged in battle with Pryderi. The more general view is that the children were the sons of Gwydion. In some accounts she is equated with Argante. Also identified as Aranrhod, Arianrhod, Arianrhod, Arianrod, Arianrod, Arionrod, Arionrod, Silver Circle, Silver Circle, Arianr(h)od or Arianr(h)od.

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