Canaanite - Son of King Daniel and Danatiya. He was given a marvellous bow made by Kothar, which Anat coveted. When he refused her offer of immortality in exchange for the bow, she had him killed by Yatpan. His body was eaten by Samal. As a result, darkness descended on the earth, and plants and animals began to die. With the help of El, Anat rescued Aqhat from the underworld and restored the bow to its rightful owner, whereupon things returned to normal. In one story Aqhat's body was eaten by vultures (including Samal). Daniel prayed to Baal who broke the vultures' wings so that they fell to the ground where Daniel ripped open their gizzards and rescued the pieces of his son, which he then buried with due ceremony. Occasionally referred to as Aqhat, Ahat, Ahat, Kokui, Aqat, Aqat, Aqht or Aqht.

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