Egyptian - A bull-god: the sacred bull. Son of Isis, conceived by lightning or a sunbeam. At Memphis he was worshipped in the form of a bull, an animal that was said to become Osiris or Ptah on its death. The bull was sacrificed when it was twenty-five years old and a new bull was installed. It was required to have the proper markings: a white triangle on the forehead, the shape of an eagle on the back and a lump shaped like a scarab under the tongue. In some accounts he is the same as Hapy, god of the Nile. He is depicted as a black bull with wings, bearing the solar disc and the uraeus between the horns. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Apis.
Greek - Son of Phoroneus and Teledice. He was killed by Aetolus in a chariot race. Also referred to as Apis.
Mesopotamian - A bee-god. Sometimes called Apis.

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