Egyptian - A snake-god, the serpent of chaos. An aspect of Set. This demon opposed the sun-god Ra in his daily journey across the heavens and was stabbed by Sit with his spear, forcing the demon to disgorge all those that it had swallowed that day. Apep was renewed each day but was finally killed by Ra or Shu. Some say that he was created when Neith spat into the primitive waters. Occasionally referred to as Apep, Aapep, Aapep, Ankh-Neteru, Ankh-Neteru, Apap, Apap, Apapi, Apapi, Apepi, Apepi, Aper, Aper, Apop, Apop, Roarer, Roarer, Apap(i), Apap(i), Greek Apophis, Greek Apophis, Babylonian Tiamat, Babylonian Tiamat, Illuyankas, Leviathan or Tohu.

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