Aodan mac Gabrain

Irish - King of Dalriada. Uncle of Gartnam. Father of Arthur. His real father was Eochu but he was a twin exchanged at birth for a girl, twin daughter of Gabrain, the king of Scotland, and raised as his son. His real mother Feidhilm recognised him when, as a man, he attacked Leinster. He was an enemy of Gartnam, dating from the time when they had vied for the throne of Scotland and Aodan had lost. He led an uprising in which Gartnam was killed, and Aedan found the barrel of gold that Gartnam had hidden on the seashore. He and Fiachna fought the Saxons in Scotland and defeated them with the help of his friend Mongan or, some say, Manannan. In some accounts his son Arthur was the same as King Arthur. Known as Aodan mac Gabrain, Aedon, Aedon, Aodan, Aodan, Aodan mac Gabhrain or Aodan mac Gabhrain.

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