Irish - Daughter of Ailill of Aran. Sister of Alva and Aoife. Foster-daughter of Bodb Dearg. First wife of Lir. Mother of Manannan. She had four children by Lir, the twins Aod and Fionuala and the twins Conn and Fiachra. When she died in childbirth, Lir married her sister Aoife who turned the children into swans. In some accounts she was the daughter of Bodb Dearg. On occassion, called Aobh, Aeb, Aeb, Aebh, Aebh, Eve, Eve, Aeb(h), Aeb(h), Children of Lir, Children of Lir, Aedh, Bodb Dearg, Conn, Fiachra, Fionuala, Lir or Oidead Clainne Lir.

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