Egyptian - The dog-headed or jackal-headed god of embalming and the dead son of Osiris, Ra or Set by Isis or Nephthys. He weighed the hearts of the dead in the Hall of Judgement. Nephthys had no children by Seth so she seduced Osiris into fathering Anubis. To keep the child safe from Seth she hid him in the reeds where he was found and reared by Isis. He is depicted as a black dog or a jackal lying down or as a jackal-headed human. On occassion, identified as Anubis, Inpw, Inpw, Khenty-seh-netjer, Khenty-seh-netjer, Wip, Wip, Anpu, Anpu, Imiut, Imiut, Imy-ut, Khenti-imentiu, Khenti-imentiu, Neb-ta-djeser, Neb-ta-djeser, Tepydju-ef, Tepydju-ef, Greek Anpu, Greek Anpu, Hermanubis, Hermanubis, Hermes, Wapwawet or Wapwawet.

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