Greek - Queen of the Amazons. In some stories she is identified as Melanippe, in others as Hippolyta or as Hippolyta's sister. As Hippolyta's sister, she was the wife of Theseus who captured her when he joined the expedition to seize the love-girdle in Heracles' ninth labour. When Theseus married Phaedra, her people invaded in an attempt to recover Antiope but she was killed in battle by Theseus. Also called Antiope.
Greek - A princess of Thebes. Daughter of Nycteus. Wife of Lycus. Mother of Amphion and Zethus. By Zeus. Antiope left the infants Amphion and Zethus on a mountain where they were found and reared by shepherds. Her husband Lycus, then king of Thebes, put Antiope in prison and took Dirce in her place. When she was later reunited with her two sons, they, with a group of friends, killed both Lycus and Dirce, tying the latter to a bull by which she was dragged to her death. Dionysus made her mad as punishment but she was cured by Phocus who married her. Another story says she was a widow, mother of Labdacus, and was abducted by Epopeus. Nycteus pursued them and was killed but Lycus, brother of Nycteus, killed Epopeus and rescued Antiope who gave birth to the twins Amphion and Zethus, who were abandoned. Lycus and his wife Dirce ill-treated Antiope and when they grew to manhood, both were killed by Amphion and Zethus. Sometimes identified as Antiope.

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