European - The second zone of the ninth circle of Dante's hell, reserved for those who betrayed their country. Sometimes identified as Antenor.
European - A king of Spain. He was helped by Vivien, brother of the magician Maugis, in his quest for the hand of Oriande. Occasionally identified as Antenor.
Greek - A Trojan priest. Husband of Theano. Father of Adamas, Agenor, Archelochus and Helicaon. He was regarded as the wisest of the Trojans and tried to avoid war with the Greeks by advising Priam that Helen should be returned to her husband. Later, after quarrelling with Deiphobus, he conspired with the Greeks to bring about the fall of Troy. He survived the battle and sailed off with his wife to settle in Africa or Gaul or, some say, to found Padua or Venice. Also identified as Antenor.

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