Welsh - The underworld ruled by Arawn; The Otherworld. In Welsh lore this realm is described variously as a group of islands or a revolving castle set in the sea, or as being anywhere on, over or under the sea, but is always a land of pleasure where neither disease nor death are known. Other stories locate Annwfn in Wales, adjoining the kingdom ruled by Pwyll, or in Scotland or somewhere in the far North. Also called Annwfn, Abred, Abred, Affan, Affan, Affwys, Affwys, Anghar, Anghar, Annwn, Annwn, Annwyfn, Annwyfn, Annwyrn, Annwyrn, Is Elfydd, Is Elfydd, Land-across-the-Sea, Land-across-the-Sea, Land-under-the-Sea, Land-under-the-Sea, Tir-fa-Tonn, Land-under-the-Waves, Land-under-the-Waves, Uffern, Uffern, Achren, Achren, Ochren, Anghar Annwyfn, Anghar Annwyfn, Annw(yr)n, Annw(yr)n, Caer Feddwid, Caer Feddwid, Caer Siddi, Caer Sidi, Caer Wydyr, Carousal, Fort of, Castle Perilous, Court of Carousal, Court of Intoxication, Fort of Carousal, Kingly Castle, King's Castle, Revolving Castle, Sid, Caer Colur, Caer Feddwidd, Caer Golud, Caer Ochren, Caer Redryvan, Caer Rigor, Caer Sid(d)i, Caer Vandwy, Caer Vedwyn, Irish Sid, Castle of Wonders, Fort(ress) of Glass, Fort(ress) of Glass, Landunder-the-Waves, Landunder-the-Waves, Tir inna mban, Tir inna mban, Island of Women, Land of Women, Tir na mBan, (Is)land of Women, Welsh Annfwn, Dyfed, Dyfed or Dyved.

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