Egyptian - A sun-god and war-god at Abydos. Son of Hathor. Consort of Mekhit. He sought out and killed the enemies of Ra. He rescued Sakhmet when she was carried off by a gazelle; she became his consort, as Mekhit. He became identified with Shu and is depicted as bearded and bearing a rope or a lance or a sceptre. In some versions, Anhur (Anhouri) was a sky-god and sun-god of Thinis, etc. and separate from Anhur (Anhoret, Anher(t), On(o)uris) who was a god of war (hence, Lord of the Lance) at Abydos. Sometimes called Anhur, Anher, Anher, Anhert, Anhert, Anhoret, Anhoret, Anhouri, Anhouri, Anhuret, Anhuret, Anuris, Anuris, Inhert, Inhert, Lord of the Lance, Lord of the Lance, Onouris, Onouris, Onuris, Onuris, Anher(t), Anher(t), On(o)uris, On(o)uris, Greek Ares, Greek Ares, Gradivus, Gravidus, Karttikeya, Maris, Mars, Nergal, Skanda, Roman Mars, Roman Mars, Belatucadros, Camulos, Camulos, Cariociecus, Nergal, Tyr, Shu, Shu, Su, Khons, Lord of Air, Lord of All, Shou, Greek Sos or Heka.

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