Angus Og

Irish - God of love and beauty. Son of Dagda and Boann. Brother of Broadh. Father of Freabhlann. Foster-father of Dermot. He was born when the Dagda seduced Boann (or in some accounts, Ethne) having sent her husband Elcmar (or Nuada) away for nine months. He was raised by Midir and when he reached manhood he lived in the palace of Bruigh after displacing his nominal father, Elcmar, or, some say, the Dagda as king of the Danaans. He carried off Etain, wife of Midir, and intervened to save Dermot and Grania when they were pursued by Finn. It was said that four swans always hovered round his head. He owned a huge horse, which he loaned to Eochaid mac Maireadha when he eloped with Eibhliu, and a dun cow given to him by Manannan. He helped Dermot in battle by making each enemy soldier appear in the likeness of Dermot, so that they were all killed by their fellow soldiers. When Dermot was killed by the boar, Angus kept his body in his palace and by breathing life into the corpse, could talk to Dermot whenever he wanted. Another story says that he pined for the love of a girl until his parents discovered that she was Caer Ibormeith, daughter of the king of Connaught, who lived as a swan on a lake with 150 other swans. He was able to identify her and she went to live with him in his palace. In some versions, Angus changed himself into a swan. Also commonly identified as Angus Og, Angus of Newgrange, Angus of Newgrange, Mac ind Oc, Mac ind Oc, Mac ind Og, Mac ind Og, Mac Oc, Mac Oc, Mac Og, Mac Og, Young God, Young God, Aeng(h)us, Aeng(h)us, Angus Bolg, Angus mac Airt, Angus mac Aedh, Angus mac Lamh, Angus mac Nadfraoich, Angus Tuirmheach, Aong(h)us, Aong(h)us, Fiodhbhadach, Fiodhbhadach, Mac (ind) Og, Mac (ind) Og, Oeng(h)us, Oeng(h)us, British Maponus, British Maponus, Apollo, Mabon, Greek Apollo, Greek Apollo, Apellun, Aplu, Atepomarus, Maponus, Surya, Veiovis, Welsh Mabon, Welsh Mabon or Macan.

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