Irish - King of Ireland. Father of Isolde. He sent his huge brother-in-law Morholt to demand tribute from Mark, king of Cornwall, but the giant was wounded (or killed) by Tristram. In the story of Tristram and Ysoud he is known as Argius and Tristram saved the king's life when he was attacked by an ogre. In another account he was one of the leaders fighting against Arthur at the Battle of Bedgrayne. Occasionally referred to as Anguish, Anguisel, Anguisel, Augusel, Anguishel, Anguishel, Anguyshance, Anguyshance, Angwisance, Angwisance, Angwish, Angwish, Argia, Argia, Argius, Argius, Anguis(h)el, Anguis(h)el, Argiu or Argiu.

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