Angra Mainya

Persian - An underworld-god, god of darkness. The Zoroastrian evil principle later. Identified with Ahriman. Also commonly identified as Angra Mainya, Ahriman, Ahriman, Ahrimanes, Arch-demon, Dregnvant, Evil One, The, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Lies, Adversary, A(h)rimanes, Dregvant, The Evil One, Greek Areimanos, Arimanes, Roman Arimanius, Tash, Angra Mainyu, Angra Mainyu, Angra Mainu, Angru Mainyu, Angru Mainyu, Anra Mainyu, Anra Mainyu, Angra Main(y)u, Angra Main(y)u, Angro Mainyus, Angro Mainyus, Anra Mainya, Drauga, Drauga or Druj.

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