Norse - An ugly giantess. Mother of Fenris, Hel and Iormungandr. Mother of Gerda by Gymir. She was said to have been the second wife of Loki, whom she married in secret. In one story she took the form of a maiden by the name of Liod and became a maidservant of Frigga. In some accounts she is the same as Gollweig. In some lore, occasionally known as Angerbode, Angbodi, Angbodi, Angerboda, Angerboda, Angrboda, Angrboda, Angrbotha, Angrbotha, Angubodi, Angubodi, Angur-boda, Angur-boda, Angurboch, Angurboch, Angurbode, Angurbode, Gna, Gna, Liod, Lyod, Ljod, Ljod, Guna, Ang(e)rboda, Ang(e)rboda, Angur-Boda, Angur-Boda, Aurbada, Aurbada, Hoder, Hoder, Biorno-Hoder, Bjorno-Hoder, Hod, Hodir, Hodr, Hodur, Hromund, Hyrokkin or Hyrokkin.

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