British - Mother of Tom a'Lincoln by King Arthur. On occassion, identified as Angelica.
European - Daughter of Galafron. Sister of Argalia. She and her brother attended a great tournament arranged by Charlemagne. She had a ring that could make her invisible; her mission was to induce Christian knights to fight with her brother so that he might kill them. Only Malagigi recognised her for the enchantress that she really was. She and Argalia captured Malagigi and had him transported by demons to Albracca where he was imprisoned in a rock under the sea. Ferrau, Rinaldo and Roland were enchanted by her and while Ferrau and Roland were fighting over her she disappeared. Rinaldo drank from a fountain built by Merlin and his love for her turned to hate, while she drank from a second fountain and fell in love with Rinaldo. When he rejected her, she freed the magician Malagigi and enlisted his help to win Rinaldo's love. She saved him when he was trapped in a room with a monster, but to no avail. When Albracca fell to Agrican, she escaped and freed Roland and the other knights who had been trapped in the Castle of Oblivion. She finally left with Roland, but they soon met Rinaldo who now regretted his earlier treatment of her. The two knights fought while she fled to Charlemagne who ordered them to stop fighting, and to put Angelica in the care of Namo. Again she fled and met Sacripant, who also loved her. He was challenged and defeated by an unknown knight (who turned out to be the warrior-maid Bradamante) and was left on foot. Angelica travelled on with Sacripant and they came across the straying horse, Bayard, which Sacripant claimed. When Rinaldo arrived on the scene and fought with Sacripant, she fled yet again and met a wizard who conjured up a spirit in the form of a farmhand who intervened in the fight between the two knights, telling them that Angelica had gone to Paris with Roland. In fact, she was given a horse that carried her to the coast and across the sea to the island of Ebuda and left her there. The islanders, ravaged by a sea monster that ate the inhabitants, offered her in sacrifice to the orc. Rogero, leaving Logestilla's kingdom riding the hippogriff, saw her bound to a rock and rescued her. She used her magic ring to disappear, and when the hippogriff escaped its tether, Rogero was left alone. She next appeared after a great battle between the forces of Charlemagne and the Saracens. She rescued Medoro, who had been wounded while recovering the body of his leader Dardinel, who had been killed in the battle by Rinaldo. She and Medoro were sheltered by a shepherd and she nursed Medoro back to health using her secret knowledge of herbs. When he was fully recovered, she married him. Occasionally called Angelica.


General - A plant said to ward off evil. At times, known as angelica.

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